Is He Lying to You? is an in-depth 

course in the same tactics Crum 

used in the CIA. 

Don't Just Date, Investigate!

When you read this book you will quickly learn:

  • The two biggest signs of deception
  • The magic way to ask a question to trap the liar
  • The two main reasons we miss deception
  • When to look and listen for deception
  • How to “WIN” this deception game
  • ...and much more

It is through your decisions that your destiny is shaped. 

Decide now to buy this book, 

commit to reading it and 

take back control of your life.

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Awesome Book!
This book was much better than I expected. Other books about lying and body language just brag about how great the author is and tell stories about how they interrogated people. This is the first book on the topic that actually provides real strategies that I can use to know with confidence when someone is lying to me. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know when you're being lied to. 

Marty Cordova, San Diego, CA

Every Woman Needs To Read This Book
I absolutely loved this book. It was a fun read and provided real life easy to apply tips to know when guys lie to you.

I recommend this book to every woman, young and old.

Heather Burns, Boston, MA

Saved My Marriage
After reading this book I knew my husband was lying about his feelings for a female co-worker.  I decided to confront him and he admitted what was going on, which fortunately was just  flirting, and he cut-off communications with her.  I would have never had the confidence to know or confront my husband had it not been for this book.

Thanks Dan, you helped prevent an affair, which saved my marriage.

Maggie Norris, Orlando, FL

Dumped a Loser
The chapter about the two biggest signs of deception gave me insight in to something I had been buying in to for two years with my boyfriend.  He always knew how to shut me down and make me feel guilty for asking him "personal questions."  After that one chapter I looked back and realized that he was using guilt twists to lie to me.  Let's just say I learned a lot about who he really was and he is no longer my boyfriend.

Claire Merten, Houston, TX

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This book taught me how to give men a fair chance
I know it sounds sad, but I was unable to find a good guy because I was so jaded by all the bad guys I had dated.  This book helped me overcome my bias focus and the Get REELL technique is great!  I am now dating a great guy that I would have never considered previously.

Tammy Jones, Seattle, WA

Your e-book is a perfect compliment! 
I loved Is He Lying To You and I felt that your e-book, The Faceless Liar, was a great way to teach people how to spot lies when you're not face to face.  I'm looking forward to participating in your CIA Method training when it is ready!

Megan Knox, Chicago, IL

Thanks for the bonuses
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the bonuses that you offered at the end of each chapter.  The digital journal was an easy way to complete the assignments and the download of deceptive behaviors was a nice bonus as well.  Looking forward to reading your other book.

David Graves, Washington, DC

I am a Dating Detective now!
I really liked the scenario in the first chapter and how we went over it again at the end of the book.  I feel that I earned my Dating Detective badge after completing this book.  I feel well prepared to face the world and know when anyone is lying to me.  

Lisa Pinkerton, Charlotte, NC

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